“You’re in trouble” – Adin Ross receives warning from Kick CEO after going viral for texting and driving

Kick streamer Adin Ross (787K followers) has once again found himself at the center of attention after receiving a verbal warning from Kick CEO Edward “Eddie” Craven. This incident occurred in his in-real-life (IRL) stream (November 6) when he was seen driving and texting while being escorted by police cars.

Besides being a dangerous act in itself, texting or using phones while driving is also punishable on some other streaming sites like Twitch. This was echoed by the Kick CEO, who, according to one of Adin’s friends, said:

“You’re in trouble…(for) using your phone while driving. Yeah, Eddie called me.”

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“What was the actual problem?” – Adin Ross surprised after Kick CEO sends warning

Adin Ross has a history of engaging in controversial actions during his live broadcasts, which has consistently garnered criticism. This latest incident is no exception, as it was reported that the streamer was caught using his phone while driving during his recent IRL stream.

The streamer and co-owner of Kick was seen escorted out by a couple of police vehicles during his stream. However, he also streamed himself using his phone while driving.

Eddie, who likely witnessed this behavior, promptly contacted one of his friends to emphasize the importance of refraining from such actions, especially in the presence of law enforcement. In response to the warning, Adin expressed:

“For real? What was the actual problem?”

His friend chimed in:

“Don’t use your phone while driving.”

Adin continued:

“F**k. Is that illegal?”

Another co-passenger weighed in:

“To be fair, we can’t be streaming now that we have got police escort and using your phone…”

Before this particular incident, Adin Ross’ mother had to address his behavior when she noticed that he was excessively speeding.

Fans react to the clip

The clip was quickly shared across the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit, which garnered a lot of comments criticizing Adin Ross. Here’s what the community said:

Adin Ross isn’t the only streamer who faced consequences for their reckless driving behavior. In August 2023, Yousef “Fousey” was banned from Twitch after he attempted to drive recklessly, played loud music in the car, and simultaneously streamed his actions.

Fousey, who is also a streamer on Kick, was admitted to a mental hospital for more than two months following a recent outburst in front of the police during one of his streams. He has since announced that he plans to resume streaming sometime this month.

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