Travis Kelce throws Justin Tucker’s helmet away as Ravens kicker warms up near Patrick Mahomes

There’s no love lost between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs, as evidenced by Travis Kelce today. The star tight end asked Ravens kicker Justin Tucker to move away from Patrick Mahomes while he warmed up. When Tucker didn’t, Kelce took matters into his own hands.

The star tight end took the ball Tucker had and threw it elsewhere so he’d have to leave to get it. To make matters even more definitive, Kelce tossed his opponent’s helmet away to pave space for Mahomes to warm up. Check out the hilarious reaction below:

Kelce made quick work of Tucker’s equipment so that his quarterback had ample space to move around without risk of tripping over a ball, helmet or tee. In one swift motion, the tight end gave Mahomes space to continue warming up on his own.

This is not so much a rivalry game as neither team has a lengthy history with one another. They don’t play in the same division, either. They’ve not been in iconic matchups over the years like the Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, for example.

Despite that, it’s the AFC Championship Game. One of these teams will go to the Super Bowl after this, and that’s as serious as it gets. As a result, Kelce is not taking things lightly when it comes to getting Mahomes everything he could possibly need.

Is Justin Tucker the most accurate kicker in NFL history?

Justin Tucker has often been considered the most accurate kicker in NFL history. That statement can be used nonliterally to describe him, since there’s pretty much no NFL kicker in history a team would like to have kicking for them instead of him.

Is Justin Tucker the most accurate kicker?
Is Justin Tucker the most accurate kicker?

But statistically speaking, is he the most accurate? Technically speaking, he is. After a miss earlier in the season, he fell slightly on the overall percentage. That briefly allowed Atlanta Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo to take the title.

However, with a return to form, Tucker upped his accuracy to 90.2% and restored himself as the most accurate kicker in NFL history.

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