Roman Reigns to leave WWE for a very long time after WrestleMania 40 if superstar from his past returns? Exploring the possibility

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest stars in WWE’s history, and his achievements while holding the WWE Universal Championship won’t be forgotten anytime soon. However, there’s a chance that after WrestleMania 40, he may leave the company and not return for a very long time.

The star in question is Braun Strowman.

Although Reigns’ run has come under criticism due to the star being as absent as he has been, holding the title for as long as he has without injury issues is also impressive. Heading into WrestleMania 40, at this point, it looks like CM Punk and Seth Rollins will be feuding for the World Heavyweight title, while Roman Reigns has to face Cody Rhodes when the latter tries to finish his story. There is, though, one other star who might choose to return in the middle of all this.

Braun Strowman has not had the best time in WWE over the last three years. He was released suddenly a few years back after a questionable feud with Bray Wyatt. Both stars would eventually return, but Strowman never got a big push after that, working as a tag team star following an apparently directionless singles run.

He was then ruled out with a serious injury and has not competed for a while as a result. Now, he’s preparing to return to the ring once again.

Given his previous character, though, there is one thing that he could do. Long before, Strowman was known for being an unstoppable star, who was single-minded in his determination to be the one that took out Roman Reigns. This was when Reigns was a face, and Strowman got over by attacking him at random times and completely destroying him. Those feuds never had a proper conclusion.

Returning now, if he manages to interfere in the WrestleMania main event and cost Roman Reigns the title before saying that he was not done with Reigns, it might be for everyone’s best. Not only would it end Reigns’ title reign, but also he would be the perfect star to neutralize the rest of the Bloodline, giving Cody Rhodes what he needed to win the title.

In the meantime, if Braun Strowman does return and cost Reigns at WrestleMania 40, there’s a huge chance that Reigns will choose to take some time off. Losing the title would mean that he would have more free time on his hands.

He might even be absent for as long as SummerSlam while Strowman continues a feud with the rest of the Bloodline, perhaps even giving Solo Sikoa his first big singles push.

Roman Reigns is returning this WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns is returning to the roster this week on WWE SmackDown after quite some time away from the ring. In his absence, a lot has been happening, but Bloodline no longer seems quite as formidable as it used to be.

It will be interesting to see if Reigns is confronted by WWE SmackDown’s newest signing immediately, with Randy Orton choosing the blue brand mainly so that he could take his revenge on the Bloodline.

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