Patrick Mahomes gets real on chasing Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl rings

Until he gets seven or more rings, Patrick Mahomes will always technically be chasing Tom Brady. Whether that’s an explicit stated goal of the QB’s is irrelevant since his goal is to win every single year. In doing so, he will always be working towards Brady’s total.

Whether or not Mahomes can get there remains to be seen. He has two and will go for a third this weekend. That would theoretically give him almost half of Brady’s total before he turned 30, which is a great pace.

However, Mahomes isn’t looking at that at all. At the Super Bowl media day, he said:

“I’m not even close to halfway. So, I haven’t put a lot of thought into it. I mean your goal is to be the best player that you can be. I know I’m blessed me with around a lot of great players around me.”

Right now, his attention is on the San Francisco 49ers, who are favored to beat Mahomes and give him a second Super Bowl loss:

“And so right now it’s do whatever I can to beat the great 49ers team and trying to get that third ring. And then if you ask me that question in like 15 years and I’ll see if I can get close to seven. But seven seems like a long ways away still.”

Seven titles is almost unfathomable, if the former New England Patriots QB hadn’t done it himself. For someone else to do it seems equally as impossible, but Mahomes could theoretically be on his way.

Can Patrick Mahomes win a third ring?

Not many quarterbacks have multiple rings like Patrick Mahomes does. Even fewer have three of them, which is something he’s gunning for this season. Next week, he’ll go after it.

Can Patrick Mahomes win again?
Can Patrick Mahomes win again?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the underdogs, though. This is what they have been for the last two weeks, and they’ve sort of been counted out most of the season. Despite that, they do face an extremely tough task this time.

The San Francisco 49ers are a good team and could arguably be the best one they’ve faced all season, making a third ring for Mahomes a little difficult to foresee.

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