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After the third day of the PMPL 2023 Fall South Asia Week 2 came to a close, Stalwart Esports emerged as the dominant force, toppling 4Merical from the leading position in the overall standings. They achieved the remarkable feat of being the only team to surpass the 250-point mark, amassing a total of 263. Skylightz Gaming, despite a slow start, displayed resilience and skill, securing the second spot in the overall standings with 241 points.

4Merical, who dominated in the PMPL Week 1, have struggled so far in the second week and hence slipped to third place with 240 points. The squad could only collect nine points on Day 3.

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Week 2 Day 3 highlights of PMPL South Asia Fall 2023

Stalwart Esports jumped to top place after Week 2 Day 3 of PMPL SA (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Stalwart Esports jumped to top place after Week 2 Day 3 of PMPL SA (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Skylightz Gaming kicked off the day with a triumphant win in the first Sanhok match, securing seven eliminations. Surprisingly, Raw Esports, despite getting eliminated in third place, dominated the match standings with an impressive 12 frag points. We Own Illumin8 faced an early elimination but secured eight frag points.

Raw Esports continued their exceptional run in the second Erangel battle, emerging as the champions with 10 frags. Sky, their fragger, proved to be the star of the match, single-handedly eliminating six enemies and earning the MVP title. Mabetex had another strong showing, securing the second spot with seven frags, while Bad Intention CMF claimed third place with six.

PMPL SA overall scoreboard after Week 2 Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL SA overall scoreboard after Week 2 Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

In the third match, Leo Esports displayed composure and emerged victorious with nine elimination points. Stalwart showed dangerous form but unfortunately got booted in fourth place. Despite their misfortune, the squad accumulated nine frag points.

Meanwhile, Stalwart Esports made a convincing comeback in the fourth round, which took place in Miramar, clinching victory with an impressive 13 frags. Topzz played a pivotal role in their success, earning the MVP title with six eliminations. Leo Esports continued their remarkable streak, securing second place with 13 elimination points.

The final round of the PMPL Day 3 saw Stronger FakeLove utilizing smart rotations to secure a chicken dinner, along with 11 frags. T2K played safely and secured the second spot with three frags, while Seal Esports also had a fine outing, earning 14 crucial points.

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