How to get your Summer Body in just 6 weeks

Get your summer body all year long with Summer Shape Up.

Summer is finally here which means my Summer Shape Up Challenge is BACK! Are you ready to confidently rock that bikini? If you are not quite where you want to be, we’ve got you covered. I have put together a foolproof plan to help you achieve your summer body goals in just six weeks. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Setting Goals: Know what you want!

The first step in your journey is setting realistic and achievable goals. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, tone your body, or simply feel stronger, outlining what you want to do will allow you to build habits to get there.

Start by visualizing your dream summer body and break it down into smaller milestones. 

Step 2: Have a Plan: A roadmap designed for YOU!

Now that you know what you want, you need to know how to get there. My 6 week Summer Shape Up challenge gives you a step by step, easy to follow and stick to plan to get results. No diets. No crazy intense gym workouts. Just 30 minutes a day at home.  

Step 3: Fuel Your Body Right

Let’s talk nutrition! The key to how you feel and lose weight is centered around what you put into your body. Our Summer Shape Up Nutrition Plan is an easy to follow ebook for 6 weeks. It includes both my Hot Body Meal Plan and my 14 Day Shape Up and is full of healthy recipes and nutritional tips to support your fitness journey. Nourishing your body with wholesome, delicious meals is a vital part of reaching your goals. With the SSU eBook, you’ll have all the tools you need to create balanced and satisfying meals that will leave you energized and ready to conquer the world.

To get the best results, our LSF Nutrition line offers clean and effective supplements designed specifically for women. From protein powders to energy boosts perfect for before your workout, we’ve got you covered. Fueling your body with the right nutrients will enhance your performance, aid in recovery, and help you build that summer-ready physique.

Step 4: Staying Motivated: You’ve Got This!

Motivation is key throughout your six-week transformation. We get it, life can get hectic, but with the right plan and support, you’ll stay on track. Our #TeamLSF community is full of women just like you, waiting to cheer you on!

Step 5: Why Healthy Habits Matter

Beyond the physical transformation, focusing on developing healthy habits is essential for long-term success. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and positive mindset practices will not only help you achieve your summer body but also contribute to your overall well-being. By making wellness a priority, you’re investing in a lifetime of self-love and confidence.

Join for a Chance to WIN a Trip!

This six-week program is designed to help you reach your summer body goals while connecting with a supportive community of like-minded women.

By participating in the challenge, you’ll have a chance to win our grand prize: a trip to the breathtaking paradise of HAWAII! Imagine sipping piña coladas on pristine beaches, soaking up the sun with newfound confidence. It’s a reward worth working for!

Remember, your summer body journey is about progress, not perfection. Embrace the process, stay consistent, and celebrate every milestone along the way. You got this, your dream summer body is just six weeks away.

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