“Don’t you ever call that schmuck ‘my boy’ ever again”

Paul Heyman has been one of the top names in WWE for decades. Former star Mansoor took to Twitch following his release for a session with former fellow WWE star Mace and shared an interesting story related to The Wiseman.

Mansoor worked with WWE for over five years, where he was mainly used to pull in some Saudi Arabian viewers. Except for some success in Saudi Arabian Premium Live Events, Mansoor failed to make it big on the main roster.

He was part of The Maximum Male Models with Mace, and both stars were recently released with several other talents. This prompted the duo to take to Twitch to connect with some fans.

During the stream, Mansoor shared a hilarious story where former WWE star Ryback called him out on Twitter for not having enough charisma. The Saudi Arabian Superstar responded by posting a photo of a poll Ryback had shared sometime earlier in which fans called for him to retire.

Mansoor later took his Twitter interaction to Paul Heyman, who once managed Ryback.

“We’re on the bus, SmackDown is on the bus, and I go up to Paul [Heyman] and show him the Tweet. And I say, hey Paul, you boy just called me out on Twitter.”

The former WWE star recalled that Heyman wasn’t happy with him for calling Ryback his “boy.”

“Heyman looks at me and goes: My boy? And I go ‘Yeah remember he’s one of your boys, you managed him?’ And Heyman said: ‘Don’t you ever call that schmuck my boy ever again.'” [2.47 – 3.15]

Ryback and Paul Heyman worked together in 2013. However, The Wiseman couldn’t do enough to get him to become a world champion, even though he had the size and strength to take anyone down.

Paul Heyman is doing some of his best work with Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

Paul Heyman has had several high-profile clients in the company throughout his career. Many will agree that Brock Lensar will go down in history as Heyman’s top client.

However, Roman Reigns is slowly becoming the top man The Wiseman has ever worked with. With a record-setting Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign under his belt, The Tribal Chief has done things others can’t even dream of.

In his current run, Paul Heyman has stuck by him and helped him build The Bloodline for over three years. It will be interesting to see how these two men work the faction forward and ensure that its glory is not lost.

Fans could see Heyman bow out after working with Reigns as his final client to keep his legacy intact.

Is Paul Heyman the greatest manager in the history of sports entertainment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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