CM Punk chants break out before SmackDown amid WWE return speculation

CM Punk chants broke out even before WWE SmackDown could start tonight at the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Punk’s name is apparently on the lips of every wrestling fan ever since he was fired from AEW by Tony Khan. With WWE Survivor Series being held in his hometown this year, there was a lot of feverish speculation that he will somehow make an appearance there.

The excitement of the fans was there for all to see, as they chanted for CM Punk every five minutes even before SmackDown could start. That should not come as a surprise, however, given that the show is taking place in his hometown.

Previously, it was speculated that Punk would somehow show up even before the Survivor Series Premium Live Event. There was also some expectation among fans that he would be the 5th member of Cody Rhodes’ team, before it was announced to be Randy Orton.

If Punk does indeed make his return at WWE Survivor Series, it will be interesting to see if it will be as a babyface or as a heel. Either way, his appearance would create a ground swell in the wrestling world, given that he is such a big name, and his past history with WWE.

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