AEW unlikely to bring in 29-year-old top star amid strong interest from WWE

Recent reports have suggested that a certain highly sought-after soon-to-be free agent still gets brought up in conversations within AEW despite rumored talks with WWE. This would be STARDOM’s Giulia.

The Japanese star is one of the big names set to hit free agency in 2024. Her contract with STARDOM will reportedly be up by March, but talks about her future have begun already. WWE seems to be the frontrunner, as there are supposedly no plans within AEW to pursue her. Another possible scenario would be her remaining in Japan.

Fightful Select reported earlier that contrary to AEW not having any interest in Giulia, she has been brought up within the company as possible STARDOM talent who could appear in AEW. But the promotion still has no plans to actively go after her.

It was also reported that should Giulia make her way to the United States, she would need to work with coaches for her to get used to things stateside.

Giulia comments on possibly going to WWE

STARDOM star Giulia recently broke her silence regarding her future. Being a star as impressive as she is, with a reportedly soon to expire contract, there was bound to be interest in her from several major promotions.

When she spoke to Tokyo Sports recently, she was asked to comment on her being linked to these major promotions. She admitted that it was the first time she was asked to comment on them, and although acknowledging their interest in her, she mentioned that she has unfinished business in Japan.

“This is the first time I’ve been asked this directly in an interview,” Giulia said. “What can I say. … Giulia has grown up too [laughs]. But, I still have things left to do in Japan.”

At this point, Giulia’s ‘unfinished business’ could possibly be the time left on her current contract, which runs until March. But nothing is still confirmed on her side, so fans will have to buckle up and hope she makes her way to WWE sometime this year.

What are your thoughts on Giulia possibly going to WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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